So, you ended up here, I guess? And you wanna know about me? Uhh, well, let's start at the beginning:

Before I changed my nickname to Digioso, I was known as Effioso. In early 2001 (about January or February) I was a huge Digimon-Fan and started to play games online. The first game was Starcraft, but many others followed soon after that. I needed a new "clean" nickname and took the "Digi"-part of Digimon and the "ioso"-part of Effioso and combined them into Digioso.

Taadaa! Digioso was born and entered the stage of Online-Gaming. And then? Well nothing much changed since them. Except that I mainly switched to MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online or EverQuest, but I still enjoy some good old matches of Starcraft, Warcaft 3 or Command and Conquer Generals with some friends. My favourite genres are (MMO)RPGs, Adventueres and Strategy-Games of all kinds. And I like making movies of the games I play. You can download them on the .projects site.